As we celebrate the compassion and philanthropy of the North Texas based Indian American community towards the fight against hunger, we thank each one of you for being instrumental in helping North Texas Food Bank feed hungry families. 

Did you know, before the start of 2020, the Feeding America network of 200 food banks was serving 37 million people in our country.  We know those numbers have increased dramatically due to the COVID-19 pandemic and disasters across the country. The network has responded with innovation and efficiency thanks to caring people like you. Early projections indicate that the number of Americans who experience food insecurity in 2020 could rise by 17 million—to 54 million people.   

Thank you for  joining the HungerMitao movement and supporting the fight against hunger in North Texas. 

Our community needs your continued support. With  North Texas Food Bank being able to enable 3 meals from every dollar donated, there is no better return on your investment.  

                        Sponsorship Levels Offered

                                       -  $10,000 enabling 30.000 meals

                                       -   $5,000 enabling 15,000 meals

                                       -    $2,500 enabling 7,500 meals

                                       -    $1,000 enabling 3,000 meals



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